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Welcome to PrepTerminal, the premium online resource for psychometric test preparation. If you need to take a psychometric test, be it for an application for a job or entry to an institution, fear not – we’ve got you covered.

At PrepTerminal, we take pride in our attention to detail when producing courses for various psychometric tests. Our in-house expert psychometricians take painstaking care to ensure that all of our courses are the most up-to-date study resources available online.

Our courses are composed to help you prepare for your psychometric test as quickly and efficiently as possible. We understand that in many cases you will not have a great deal of time between being notified of the requirement to take a test and the test date itself. To that end, every module of every course is designed specifically to guide you to the correct test-taking methodology in the quickest time possible. That means nothing but proven strategies with no fluff.


Why choose PrepTerminal?

When it comes to taking a psychometric test for a job position or admission to an institution, it is vital that you make the right choice as to how you prepare. It is quite easy to make the mistake of trusting the wrong online study resource and subsequently coming up short in the real test. That’s why it is important to be wary of online resources claiming to provide preparation for your Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test or SHL test. PrepTerminal prides itself on being the premium resource for psychometric test preparation due to its meticulous research on a multitude of psychometric tests and meticulous composition of module-based guides intended to build your knowledge on your test from the ground up. In addition to text-based guides and practice tests, our courses come with full video-based guides and are accessible from both desktop and mobile devices. By signing up with PrepTerminal, you are taking that vital step towards achieving test success and reaching your goals.


Experience your test ahead of time

With each course, we provide a number of practice tests so that you can put your newly-acquired knowledge to the test. Not only are these tests designed to accurately emulate the real thing – they are also timed in the same manner as the real test to provide you an authentic test experience. By using our prep packs, you are providing yourself with the full suite of resources required to prepare for your psychometric test.


Ready to prepare for test success?

Conquer that upcoming test by preparing with PrepTerminal. Check out our free resources or get started with our full study guide for your test today, and take that vital step towards test success today with Prepterminal, your partner in test success.