Predictive Index Test

The Predictive Index is an organization that stays behind the Professional Learning Indicator (PLI) test. This is one of the most popular psychometric assessment tools used by thousands of corporations all over the world. The Predictive Index test is tricky and screening, which makes it very efficient.

 Mechanical Aptitude Test

Companies use mechanical exams to test Mechanical aptitude of candidates and their ability to apply specific mechanical/engineering knowledge. The purpose of the mechanical testing is to check if one can solve a variety of mechanical problems.

 Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test

The Bennett Mechanical Comprehension test II (BMCT II) is one of the most popular mechanical aptitude assessment tools used by thousands of corporations all over the world. It is a tricky screening mechanical test and therefore, very effective.

SHL Test

SHL is a leading test provider, primarily in the US and UK but also with a significant international presence and accounts for around a quarter of all pre-employment test provision.

 CAST Test

The Construction And Skilled Trades (CAST) test assesses the aptitude of candidates in roles such as electrical repair, vehicle maintenance and other skilled trades. It is frequently administered during the application process for these types of roles in order to quickly and efficiently screen out unsuitable candidates.

 TSA Test

Transportation Security Officers help keep our skies safe and enjoy the benefits of a federal career with great advancement opportunities. The TSA test assessment process is broken down into the background check, face-to-face interview, verbal reasoning test, and of course, the notorious X-RAY Test.

Cubiks Test

Transportation Security Officers help keep our skies safe and enjoy the benefits of a federal career with great advancement opportunities. The TSA test assessment process is broken down into the background check, face-to-face interview, verbal reasoning test, and of course, the notorious X-RAY Test. The passing rate for the TSA exam is 32% due to the difficulty of the test and the high number of applicants during the hiring process.

Cognitive Ability Test

Are you looking to land a dream career? Part of your preparation will be undertaking the cognitive ability test. At Prepterminal, we are here to help you succeed.


Congratulations! You’re about to land the job of your dreams! Unfortunately, you’ve suddenly been asked to take the CCAT pre-employment test.Even if you opt to take the CCAT online, the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test is just that HARD. The sad part is: most people fail. But here at Prepterminal, we can help you pass. Try out our free CCAT Practice Tests now.

Caliper Test

The Caliper Profile Test, also known as the Caliper Assessments, is widely used by the U.S. along with other countries as a central tool in assisting employers with selecting appropriate candidates for roles which carry significant responsibility within a company.

P&G Test

Procter & Gamble is the world’s largest consumer goods company, with over 100,000 employees worldwide. In order to screen the best applicants, P&G uses a proprietary cognitive and personality test to ensure that the best candidate gets the right position.

CritiCall Dispatcher Test

The CritiCall is a computer-based assessment program used to screen candidates applying for dispatch and call taking roles within the emergency services.

 NYPD Exam

The NYPD exam is a highly challenging applicant selection tool, employed to identify the very best applicants for roles within the New York Police Department.

ACT WorkKeys Test

The ACT WorkKeys assessment is a challenging cognitive assessment tool administered at different levels depending on your job level and industry type.

MTA Police Exam

The Metropolitan Transport Authority Police Department Exam, generally known as the MTA Police Exam, is an aptitude test required by the MTA to be taken by all aspiring applicants before they can be considered or allowed to go through the rest of the hiring process in becoming a police officer of the MTAPD.

PELLET B Test Prep Course

The California POST Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery, also known as the PELLET B Test, is an aptitude test that aims to measure a candidate’s ability to become an effective officer and allows them entry into a police academy.

MTA Bus Operator Exam

The Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA), considered as the largest public transit authority in the U.S., is responsible for serving over 11 million passengers all over New York. With nearly 6,000 buses plying its 325 routes, the need to make sure that these vehicles are manned by competent and reliable operators has never been higher than before.

Elevator Industry Aptitude Test

The Elevator Industry Aptitude Test (EIAT) is an assessment test created by the Union of Elevator Construction (IUEC) and the National Elevator Industry, Inc. for the purpose of the National Elevator Industry Educational Program (NEIEP) in order to determine the capability of a prospective candidate, or prospective apprentice, to work in the elevator industry.

CBP Test

The CBP test is exceptionally difficult, so that only the best candidates are considered for the vital role of keeping the country’s borders safe and secured.

Situational Judgement Test

The Situational Judgement Test, commonly known as the SJT, is a type of test regularly used by many companies and employers all over the world to identify candidates with the ability to handle real-life job scenarios that are likely to occur in the workplace.

School Safety Agent Course

Make sure that you are well prepared for this challenging, but rewarding career as a School Safety Agent, by taking a look at PrepTerminal’s top tips and course preparation to get you started!

NPOST Course

If you are planning, or required to take the National Police Officer Selection Test (NPOST), there is a good chance that there isn’t much time between today and exam day. With under a minute to answer each question in the four parts of the test itself, in addition to the difficult subject matter contained within it, it is not uncommon for first-time test-takers to fail.

Texas Level Course

If you are planning or scheduled to take a pre-employment or assessment test in the state of Texas as part of the police department’s law enforcement hiring process, there is a good chance that it will be the Law Enforcement Validated Entry Level (L.E.V.E.L.) Test, or just the LEVEL Test for short.

CJBAT Course

If you want the challenge and fulfillment of becoming a police officer in Florida, you will first have to pass the CJBAT test. This test is extremely challenging in order to identify the very best candidates.

Correction Officer Exam

Being a correctional officer is a serious responsibility. In order to ensure that candidates can handle the daily duties in such a role, the Department of Civil Service administers the Correction Officer Exam, also called the correctional officer test. This test was designed to be extremely challenging for prospective recruits so that only the best candidates make the cut.

Police Prep Course

Police agencies across the states are always on the lookout for the best candidates in order to fulfil the everpresent need for strong and dependable policing across the nation. To find the very best candidates, agencies employ some of the hardest pre-employment tests out there.

Nassau County Police Exam

The Nassau County Police Exam is a highly challenging entrance exam for prospective officers. Prepterminal’s Nassau County Police Exam 2020 course has been tailored to suit the exact needs of this year’s assessment, so that you can prepare thoroughly for this difficult exam and set yourself apart from the competition.

Suffolk County Police Exam

The Suffolk County Police Exam is a highly difficult entrance exam administered by the Suffolk County PD in New York. Due to the many benefits offered with a position in the Suffolk County Police Department, competition for a position is fierce.

NY State Trooper Exam

The NY State Trooper Exam the first part of a long and grueling process in becoming a State Trooper, and as a result this means every candidate needs to take every possible measure to ensure that they are prepared to succeed on the first attempt, as competition is fierce and there may not be a second chance later on.

FireTEAM Test

The FireTEAM test is a video-based entry-level firefighter assessment test used by numerous fire departments all over the United States to determine if a candidate has the ideal skills that are expected of an effective firefighter.

FireFighter Test

The Firefighter exam is a highly challenging applicant selection tool, employed to identify the very best applicants for roles within the Fire Department.

FDNY Firefighter Exam

The FDNY exam is a firefighter aptitude test specified by the New York City Fire Department and is given once every four years. It is utilized as an effective assessment tool for the FDNY to make sure that only the best of the best applicants take part in the firefighter hiring process.

Hogan Personality Inventory

The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) test describes bright-side, or normal personality, attributes that show how we behave in everyday situations and interact with others when we are in our flow zone. The HPI test is associated with on-the-job performance and can be used for hiring and selection and personal and leadership development.

GardaWorld Pre-Board Screening Officer Exam

You have probably heard it said ‘the sky is the limit!’ Meaning there is nothing to prevent you from being highly successful. If you are about to take the GardaWorld Pre-Board Screening Officer Exam, we at PrepTerminal are here to help you realize the sky is truly the limit in terms of your career selection and success.

EB Jacobs LEAB Course

Every police department or law enforcement agency requires the prospective candidate or applicant to take and pass a written test of sorts and there is a good chance that it will be the EB Jacobs Law Enforcement Battery test (LEAB) or one that follows a EB Jacobs style test.

DELPOE Police Exam

As part of the hiring process, the Darany Entry Level Police Officer Exam (DELPOE) is included by numerous law enforcement agencies and police departments all over the United States. Although the exam is difficult, both due to the number of subjects contained within it as well as the strict time limit that it has, this doesn’t need to be the case.

Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Course

The Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Test is a highly challenging pre-employment tool used by a wide variety of employers. Prepare for the 5 key question types and ace the test with Prepterminal’s comprehensive course.

Leadership Assessment Course

The Leadership Assessment Test is an aptitude test utilized by numerous companies and organizations to make sure that candidates applying for a managerial, supervisory, or any position that requires good leadership skills has what it takes to fit the role in the workplace.

Harrison Assessment Prep Course

Harrison Assessments are a series of highly challenging tests designed to help employers identify and hire the strongest candidates. Prepterminal’s Harrison Assessment Prep Course has been designed to help you through both the behavioural and cognitive elements of these exams.

Amazon Assessment Prep Course

Amazon utilises a range of challenging preemployment tests in order to ensure they consistently hire the right people on a large scale. Prepterminal’s in-depth Amazon Assessment Prep Course is here to equip you for success.

TalentQ Prep Course

TalentQ tests are widely administered to put job applicants under tight time restrictions with difficult questions so that employers can get an accurate idea of how well they perform under pressure. Prepterminal’s TalentQ Preparation Course has everything you need to train for this challenging test.

Korn Ferry Course

Korn Ferry administers a wide range of assessments as part of the recruitment process on behalf of their clients. Covering both cognitive ability and personality measurement, these tests are designed to put candidates under pressure and sift out the best hires. Prepterminal’s Korn Ferry Preparation Course has everything you need to prepare for these challenging tests.

Electrical Aptitude Test

For those who want to become an electrician or start working in the electrical field, one will first have to pass the IBEW electrical aptitude test, which is also known to industry professionals as the IBEW aptitude test or just the electrical aptitude test.

Integrity Test Prep Course

Employers across the globe are always on the lookout for the most dependable and competent hires. The integrity test is widely-used to identify these traits consistently to help employers make the best decisions when it comes to employees. Prepterminal’s Integrity Test Prep Course is the ideal resource to get ready for this test.

Canadian Forces Aptitude Test Prep Course

The CFAT test is a highly challenging aptitude test administered by the Canadian Armed Forces in order to select the best candidates for duty. Prepterminal’s CFAT preparation course is designed to fully prepare you for this challenging examination.