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Last updated: 01/2023

The ParaPro Assessment is an aptitude exam that assesses a test-taker’s skills in reading, math, and writing. It is also needed ites for paraprofessional certificaskills. The exam also tests how well you would apply your skills of writing, reading, and mathematics when in a classroom. Schools and school districts use the ParaPro Assessment to learn about your basic understanding of reading, writing, and mathematics.

Try our free ParaPro practice tests to learn what to expect on your exam.

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This part of the Paraprofessional exam includes around 30 questions. These questions will test your mathematical knowledge and skills, and the application of these skills in a classroom. Your ability to solve basic algebra, geometry and measurement questions will be tested. As will your number sense and data analysis skills.


This part of the ParaPro test includes about 30 questions. You will be tested on your reading knowledge, reading skills, and ability to apply these skills in a classroom. You will also be asked to find the main purpose and aim, organizations, supporting concepts, and context of a text. You will be required to understand diagrams, charts, graphs, and tables.


This section of the ParaPro test includes about 30 questions. Such as writing knowledge and skills and the application of these skills in a classroom. You will also be required to find mistakes in parts of speech, word usage, and punctuation. This part of the exam also includes the identification and use of suitable reference information.

Why do you need to practice for the ParaPro test?

The ParaPro exam may well be a component of the employment requirement in the school or school system you hope to work in. Schools use this test to assess whether or not you have the knowledge and skills needed to qualify for a para position. You must bring your A-game. Especially since there are many qualified candidates for each advertised position. And, schools will likely choose the candidates with the best knowledge and skill-set.

To ensure your success in the ParaPro test we have carefully put together Parapro free practice tests. Take our free quizzes to see what your current math, reading and writing testing level is. The more you practice, the better you will get at answering the test questions. And, the more your testing score will improve.

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Free ParaPro Test Guide 2021 (Updated)

Last updated 12/2020

The ParaPro Test is an aptitude test that measures a candidate’s abilities in reading, writing, and math. It is required in various states for paraprofessional certification. The ParaPro assessment test also assesses how well you may apply your knowledge of reading, writing, and mathematics – in a classroom. School districts use the ParaPro Assessment to gain an understanding of your basic knowledge – in the areas of reading, writing, and math. The ParaPro test was designed to meet the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act.

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