Free Praxis Core Reading Practice Test (2023)

Last updated 27/12/2022

Completing a Praxis Core Reading practice test is a top way to prepare for the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators reading test. Individuals looking to gain certification as a teacher take this test. Many states require prospective teachers to complete this test. They need to pass it before they are accepted to a teacher preparation course. The questions featured on this exam will assess your reading skills. Specifically, in the following areas: craft, key ideas, language skills, structure, and integration of ideas and knowledge.

Our team of psychometric test experts at Prepterminal has developed a free Praxis Core Reading practice test. This test will help prospective teachers prepare for their Praxis Core Reading exam.

Try our free practice test and see what your current reading testing level is.

Praxis Core Reading: The Fundamentals

This test lasts for 85 minutes and features 56 passage-based multiple-choice questions. The Core Academic Skills for Educators Test in Reading assesses academic skills in reading. These are the skills that are necessary for a productive education career. All the skills measured are considered necessary for college and career readiness. And, they are in keeping with the Common Core State Standards for Reading.

Specifically, the test places importance on skills that are an essential part of teacher preparation courses, such as The capacity to analyze, interpret, and evaluate different sorts of texts.

What is included in the test?

  • Passage-based multiple-choice items
  • The reading material presented in the exam is sourced from many real-life scenarios and different subject areas.
  • All of the passages are accompanied by questions that are based on the text. These questions connect to reading skills.
  • All the questions may be answered based on the information featured in the passage. As such, no additional or outside knowledge is needed.

The test features four sorts of material:

  • Paired passages equaling around 200 words, and four to seven questions.
  • Long passages equaling around 200 words, and four to seven questions.
  • Short passages equaling around 100 words, and two or three questions.
  • Short statements, and a single question.

How to ace the exam with Prepterminal’s course

Praxis is a crucial hurdle that you must overcome in order to become a teacher. Preparation is essential. A top way to begin your preparations is by completing our Praxis Core reading practice test. Also, feel free to check out our free Core Writing and Core Math tests as well.

Our team has also put together a Core Guide so that you can learn all about the Praxis Core. To make sure you have all the information you need about Praxis we have created a comprehensive modular Praxis Prep course. The course includes 1 reading guide, 2 writing guides, 13 maths guides, and 1 graphic literacy & data sets guide. It also comes with 3 reading tests, 13 writing tests, 13 maths tests, and 1 graphic literacy and data sets test. Get all the practice you need with our Core practice tests. And, you will have ample time to prepare, as we offer lifetime access and 24/7 support for any questions.

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Praxis Core Test: Guide, Dates & Fees (2021)

Last updated 12/2020

Embarking on a new career is no easy task. And, becoming a teacher has its challenges. One such challenge is the Praxis Core tests. Many colleges and universities demand a passing score on this series of exams. This is in order to enter into their teacher education programs. And, in a lot of states, a passing score is needed to be certified as a teacher at schools.

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