What’s the Scoop on SHL Tests?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably got an SHL test coming up. Here’s the thing – SHL tests are notoriously difficult. If you want a high score in order to pass the test and get an edge over the competition, you’re going to need to prepare. Taking an SHL practice test is the strongest way to boost your potential score. That’s how you’re going to stand out.

SHL assessments are psychometric tests which are used by employers to evaluate and compare the abilities of job candidates. SHL tests are made available to employers for use for the screening of applicants at any job level, from entry level administration to senior executive roles. They’re also used for the development of existing staff, to test readiness for promotions and job progression. SHL tests can range across the map and offer subjects such as numerical, verbal, diagrammatic reasoning, inductive reasoning, personality questionnaires, and motivation questionnaires to name a few.


Aptitude tests deployed by SHL are administered either online or on paper and are intended to assess the candidate’s aptitude for success in a role. One example is how the SHL inductive/deductive reasoning test is used by law firms as a ‘screening process’ to determine the ability of candidates to think fluidly in a legal environment.

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Ready to conquer your exam? Read on below about the types of SHL assessments to expect and check out our sample SHL questions and SHL test examples below. These will familiarize you with the testing process and ready you for exam success.

Types of SHL Tests and What to Expect

SHL assessments are delivered either electronically or as a pen-and-paper examination. The vast majority of SHL tests are delivered in two stages. These evaluations are known as ‘Verify Tests’ and start with an electronic version of the test taken remotely, and then taken via an assessment center in order to eliminate the possibility of cheating or collusion.

Check out the SHL Verify range of tests below to get an idea of the top seven most common types of SHL tests that you should prepare for:


Numerical ReasoningSHL Numerical Reasoning Tests : Prepterminal offers an extensive SHL numerical reasoning practice test for people who want to ace the test without any worries. These tests assess a candidate’s capability with numerical, statistical, financial and graphical data, and tests their ability making deductions based on that data. Questions are tailored to the job in question and are formulated to represent real challenges that could arise in the workplace.


Numerical ReasoningSHL Verbal Reasoning Tests: These tests gauge a candidate’s ability to understand and form logical deductions based on verbal or written data. Often, questions which are relevant to the specific workplace and position are given to the candidate. Our SHL verbal reasoning test practice gives SHL candidates an opportunity to practice and strengthen their score against the competition!


Numerical ReasoningSHL Inductive Reasoning Tests: These tests assess a candidate’s ability to solve problems on their feet and deal with unfamiliar information. Abstract questions are posed to the candidate, requiring a degree of skill in conceptual and analytical thought. Test takers should draw inferences and identify relationships between concepts.


Mechanical ReasoningSHL Mechanical Reasoning Tests: These tests measure a candidate’s understanding of basic mechanical and physical principles, and the application of these principles to devices such as pulleys, gears, and levers.


Exam PaperSHL Reading Comprehension Tests: These tests measure your ability to comprehend written sources and extract relevant information to make relevant judgments based on this information.


Abstract ReasoningSHL Deductive Reasoning Tests: These measure a candidate’s ability to draw logical conclusions based on a given premise. The questions contain premises that establish logical constraints, requiring the candidate to select a statement which is consistent or relative to the premise.


Behavioural PersonalitySHL Management and Graduate Item Bank (MGIB): As you can tell by the name, the MGIB is generally used on management-level and graduate-level job applicants. This collection of tests assesses multiple facets of a candidate’s skills: verbal, numerical and productive thinking ability.

SHL Test Examples

Want to get a good idea of what SHL questions look like and what to expect? Prepterminal’s SHL practice test is based on real question categories from the SHL test:

Question 1:

Acai1 oz.(28.35 g)20 cal
Apple1 apple (182 g)95 cal
Applesauce1 cup (246 g)167 cal
Apricot1 apricot (17 g)17 cal
Avocado1 avocado (200 g)320 cal
Banana1 banana (125 g)111 cal
Blackberries1 banana (144 g)62 cal
Blood Oranges1 serving (140 g)70 cal
Blooberries1 cup (148 g)84 cal

Given that an adult male needs 2500 calories per day to maintain his actual weight, calculate how many kilograms of avocados must he eat in order to keep his weight if no other foods are available?

  • 2.5 kg
  • 8 kg
  • 1.600 kg
  • 0.625 kg
  • 1.5625 kg

Question 2:

Which currency is the strongest based on the cross rates table shown below?

  • EURO (EUR)
  • Japanese Yen (JPY)
  • British Pound (GBP)
  • Swiss Franc (CHF)
  • Canadian Dollar (CAD)

Question 3:

The diagram above shows the car sales during the first 5 months of last year of Carl and Bill, the salespeople at Ace Cars LTD. Which month saw the ratio Bill’s sales: Carl’s sales equal to 3:4?

 –  5
 –  4
 –  3
 –  2
 –  1

Question 4:

The table below shows the list of average salaries in the countries of European Union for the last two years (2017 and 2018). Answer the questions 13 – 16 based on the data provided by this table.

10United Kingdom€2,498.00€1,990.0020.34%€2.102.00
20Czech Republic€1,149.00€873.0024.02%€837.00

Which one of the first 5 countries in the list had the greatest increase of the net average salary (in percentage) during the last year?

  • Denmark
  • Luxembourg
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Ireland

Question 5:

Euro to Japanese Yen exchange rate for June 20, 2019 is shown below.

A tourist intended to convert 2000 Euros to Japanese Yens (JPY) but he forgot to do this in the morning (at the open rate). He exchanged his Euros at the closure rate. How many Yens did he lost due to this delay?

  • 0.287 JPY
  • 287 JPY
  • 574 JPY
  • 0.574 JPY
  • 57.4 JPY

Question 6:

A small company composed by the owner and three employee sells various goods. The owner gives as a bonus 2% of total turnover to each employee if he / she sells more than $20 000 of goods in a month, then 3% of total turnover for more than $30 000, 4% for turnovers more than $ 40 000 and so on. The table below shows the monthly wages and the turnover of each employee in the last month.

  • $2860
  • $9700
  • $12780
  • $3080
  • $12560

Question 7:

Every bus goes through the freeway to get to the city everyday except Monday, where they take a different route.

Jane works in the city and always takes the bus to work.

Taxis are available 24/7 and can take you anywhere you want to go.


Jane takes a taxi to work every Monday.

If the assumptions are true, then the conclusion is:

  • Correct
  • Cannot be determined based on the information available
  • Incorrect

Question 8:

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

Question 9:

How do the pressures at the bottom of the containers shown in the figure compare if there is the same volume of liquid in all containers?

  • P1 > P2 > P3
  • P1 = P2 = P3
  • P1 < P2 < P3

Question 10:

A goalkeeper plays 95% of a 90-minute football match and then is injured. How many minutes will the substitute goalkeeper play? Extra time is neglected in this question.

  • 5 min
  • 85.5 min
  • 4.5 min
  • 1.05 min
  • 18 min

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